Storm Restoration

Was your home or property damaged by wind, tornadoes, hail or storms? Are you sure? Did you know that your roof could be damaged from a recent or past storms without you even noticing! In fact, hail damage to a roof is often not visible from the ground. We offer free, no-obligation inspections to all prospective clients, and will advise you once we have inspected your property. If you choose us as your contractor, we will help walk you through the claims process all the way through actual construction and final payment by the insurance company.

Inspection and Collateral Damage Evaluation

First, your project manager will inspect your property and evaluate the claim the same way as the adjuster for the insurance company. We document all damage on your property including your: Roof, Siding, Fascia, Gutters and Downspouts, Exterior Paint, Fencing, Windows and Window Screens, Damage to A/C units, Garage Doors, Personal Property and any Interior Leaking Damage. The more damage and collateral evidence of hail we find, the stronger the case for full replacement of all the damage on your property. The biggest component of any inspection is typically the roof inspection. An adjuster will create a 10’x10’ “test square” on all sides of the roof looking for hail bruises and/or wind damage. A hail bruise is defined as a hail impact which has knocked granules off your shingles and has punctured or “bruised” the underlying fiberglass mat. Though it varies by situation, most shingle roofs require 5-15 hail hits in a “test square”. Specialty roof systems will have different requirements and specifications that must be met in order to warrant replacement.

Proof of Loss Packet

We will help you maximize your claim so you get the full amount for necessary repairs. Often times insurance companies will either miss or overlook damages and underpay claims. Our estimates include all damages to your roof, siding, gutters, windows, accessories, and other personal property which suffered damage during the storm. We promise to help you get the full amount that you deserve and is necessary to help fully restore your property.

Each insurance company has their own standards for damages and paying on losses. Our job is to document the damage you have sustained correctly on the first inspection so we can “Prove Your Loss” when the insurance adjuster comes to inspect your roof and property.

Complete Repairs According to Final Estimate Provided by Insurance Company

Once the insurance company has approved your claim, we will begin the construction process. We work for insurance proceeds, and therefore will never ask you to pay more than what the insurance company approves. Our qualified and licensed builders will work hard to fully restore your property.